5 Patterns For Men’s Shirts You Can Stock Up On For A Wardrobe Rehaul

Who said shirts are only a formal wear option? Shirts for men have evolved from being workwear to being styled as outfits for practically any occasion. The variety is endless – from solids to quirky prints to the tried and tested ones like checks and stripes. If you’re looking for a wardrobe upgrade, consider upping your shirt game and watch the heads turn as you step out!

Here we list a couple of patterns you must consider stocking up on this season.


Solid shirts are a time go-to. You could never go wrong with a classy white or black solid shirt paired with well-fitted jeans in a light blue or dark blue variant. Solid shirts are a must-have in every man’s wardrobe. If you like colour, stock up on some shirts in yellow, blue, green and red to upgrade your style game.


Another classic pattern for men’s shirts is checks. Before you put it in the box of non-fashionable, outdated patterns, think again. Checks as a pattern has evolved over the years, and there’s nothing that looks as sharp as a well-styled checks shirt. You can pick a smaller pattern in a bold colour like deep red or dark blue. Alternatively, you can pick a larger pattern in lighter colours like yellow or neutrals. Checks shirts in neutral colours are a great option to channel a chic and smart vibe.


We know, florals in men’s shirts? Are we kidding? Actually, no! There’s more than one way of styling that quirky floral shirt that you consider buying but never do. Men’s fashion has become experimental over the years, and with clothes becoming increasingly gender neutral, floral shirts for men are a look you shouldn’t miss out on. A dark floral shirt with super comfy beige shorts can be a great vacation look. Alternatively, you can style a shirt with a delicate floral pattern with jeans for a handsome lunch look.


Yet another pick from the rack of classics. Striped shirts for men have been and will always be the holy grail of men’s fashion. You could never go wrong with a striped shirt. While you can stock up on striped shirts in lighter colours like white and blue for work, you can shop for quirky colour combinations like yellow stripes or pink striped shirts to style for informal occasions. You can also go for broader stripes instead of sleek ones for a quirky look.

Quirky Prints

If you want to add an edge to your style, consider buying some shirts with quirky patterns. Move over the checks and stripes and go for dainty abstract prints. You could also pick ones with a fruit pattern or a food pattern. Shirts for men with off-beat patterns like a comic computer or cars or food items like tacos and pizza are fast becoming popular among the younger crowd.

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