Address All Your Health Concerns With “Bol Behen”: A Digital Didi

We’re halfway through 2022, but women’s health and welfare still don’t have the room or platform they need to voice and debate issues. With their chatbot “Bol Behen,” the nonprofit Girl Effect is attempting to change this. The Bol Behan chatbot, a tool driven by artificial intelligence, is now accessible on WhatsApp to reach a wider audience. Its main objective is to support young women and girls with their health issues and inquiries.

What Exactly Is Bol Behen?

Bol Behen is an AI-powered WhatsApp chatbot that can address any concerns girls and young women may have about their physical and mental health. The chatbot can answer queries on everything from sexuality to reproductive health, relationships, and general wellness. The application aims to empower young girls by providing them with a forum where they may ask questions and discuss topics that they might otherwise find embarrassing or awkward to address. The goal is to develop the persona of a digital elder sister who can provide guidance and responses without demeaning the questioner or inciting hostility. For ease of communication and comprehension, the Bol Behan chatbot  can respond in both Hindi and English.

How Can One Reach Bol Behen?

Girls living in areas where they may have restricted access to accurate information on women’s sexual health and welfare and limited access to reliable information sources are the main audience for this chatbot. Furthermore, a WhatsApp chatbot may communicate with women and girls living in areas where they could have access to less advanced cellphones and shoddy internet connectivity. There are two methods to use this chatbot. Send a “Hi” message to +91-730449661 on WhatsApp, or click this link to access the invite.

Girl Effect has worked with a Meta-owned firm twice, the first time being the introduction of its Facebook Messenger chatbot. The second partnership is with WhatsApp. The chatbot was introduced on WhatsApp, where the audience is larger, after experiencing great success and reaching several ladies through Facebook Messenger.

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