Ajax Wireless Security Alarm System

Ajax stands for “Application.” Ajax is an application that allows users to control their security system. It will enable the user to turn off and on different parts of their house independently. That will enable users to walk freely at night without worrying about robbing their houses. By using Ajax, you can control your home security system from any location. If you’d like to understand more about the features of Ajax, keep reading.

Easy to install

The Easy to install Ajax wireless security alarm can help you protect your home or business. This security alarm system uses apps to monitor your property. The alarm system’s wireless connections are secure and highly resistant to signal interference or sabotage. The system uses AES technology to protect its detectors against signal interference. Its wireless range is up to 2000 meters and can be installed in any building. You can choose how you want to install your security system.

The Ajax alarm features three independent communication channels, so you don’t need to worry about missing a call or message. The devices also use the proprietary communication protocol, Jeweller, which allows high energy efficiency, increased operational range, and a robust security system. The Ajax alarm system can be connected to a central monitoring station and provide rapid response services. This type of alarm is perfect for people who demand strict security and are willing to spend a few extra dollars to use a professional system.

Low cost

The Ajax Systems of alarm offers peace of mind and protection from harm. This system uses the latest technology and incorporates cutting-edge science to ensure its performance in the harshest conditions. With this low cost, it is affordable for everyone to install. Its low cost is also a significant factor in ensuring it is effective. Read on to understand the pros and cons of this security system. Ajax is a Ukrainian company with headquarters and manufacturing facilities in Kyiv.

The Ajax alarm system comprises comprehensive devices, including detectors that detect smoke, carbon monoxide, and heat. You can install the system or have a professional do it for you. You can also register the system central — hub through its mobile app, scan QR codes, and add detectors. Not only that, but you can group these devices by room or use the sticky pads to attach them to walls. If you want to install the system, Ajax has partners in the United Kingdom.

Works in offline mode

Ajax wireless security alarm system can work offline. When the alarm system is switched to offline mode, it doesn’t connect to the internet. The owner will receive a notification when the system is offline. Ajax only collects data that it uses to improve its capabilities. All information is encrypted and stored on several servers in Europe. No one can use the actual data without the owner’s permission. In addition, the security company will receive notifications about a loss of power and a GSM signal.

The Ajax security system is available in two main modes — online and offline. The online mode is the most convenient as it lets users monitor the system anytime. The offline mode, the default setting for Ajax, allows users to monitor the system from a desktop computer or a laptop. An offline mode is also an excellent option for those who aren’t always home.

Works with the central monitoring station

The Ajax security alarm system connects to a central monitoring station. This station can be used to monitor your home or business from anywhere. The devices can be configured to ignore certain events or alarms, and the notice will be sent to the security company or the police relying on the settings. This feature can help eliminate false alarms. It also allows you to choose the number of notices to receive so that you can call the authorities directly.


The Ajax devices are controlled by an app available for iOS, Android, macOS, and Windows. It can be used to respond to push notifications and other notifications. You can create scenarios that automate certain functions if the system is connected to a central monitoring station. In the Ajax app, you can create a design that can trigger your alarms in specific circumstances. For example, you can set the Ajax system to sound an alarm only if there is a fire.


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