Best Indoor Team Building Activities for Employees to Improve their Productivity

Through various surveys, it is been proved that companies that are engaged with their employees result in high productivity. This is the reason team-building activities for employees are very important for the growth of any organization. These activities provide companies and employees with various benefits.

Every team runs on three basic things communication, engagement, and trust. It is important to strengthen these three things to maintain true bonding between all the team members. Mostly, companies organize these team-building activities outside the office at some resort or a place where they can have enough space to perform various activities along with enjoyment. The idea behind organizing training activities outdoors is to break the ice between the team members from a strictly professional environment and build a strong bond between them.

Various team-building games and activities are decided to enhance various skills in the team while keeping enjoyment in mind. The games help in:

  • Improving communication skills
  • Encourages teamwork
  • Knowing the strengths and weaknesses of the coworkers
  • Enhances creativity level
  • Improve self-confidence

Here is the list of some best indoor games that can be played in team-building activities.

1. Guess My Identity

The game starts with writing the name of any celebrity, an iconic person, an athlete, a client, or even a renowned face of the company on a chit and it is to be placed behind one employee which is visible to all the other team members. The employee has to ask various questions to the group to identify his identity and they are allowed to reply only “yes” or “no”. This fun activity is a great warm-up that can help in breaking the ice between all the team members and help in enhancing their communication skills.

2. Don’t Smile

Another fun activity that will make even the serious person laugh and enjoy. This can be played among any size of group but the more the better. To start the activity, ask all the team members to sit in a circle with a serious face, and no one is allowed to laugh or even smile. The one who can sustain longer is declared the winner. By doing such activities you can lighten the mood of the coworkers who do not mingle easily.

3. A Unique Dinner Party

An activity specially designed for the employees to open up among other team members and everyone get to know more about each other. In this ask each team member if you are organizing a dinner party, who are the 3 people you desperately want to dine with, and why. These three members can be your favorite celebrity, athlete, or any of your coworkers.

5. Our Picassos and Signacs

Another fun activity is to bring out your Picassos and Signacs. The idea behind this activity is to enhance communication and listening skills between all the team members. To start with all the coworkers are divided into two teams of equal members. All of them are provided with paper and a pencil and the paper is placed at the back of the other members. One has to be the speaker and another one is the listener. The speaker has to describe an image to the listener without giving any direct clues. The listener will understand the clue and draw. Visit Empower Camp.

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