Here’s How to Know if You Are Obsessed with Cats

There are people who like cats, love cats, and are purely obsessed with cats. Just think about it for a minute or two to realize which category you fit into. Many cat-oholic people have chosen to become vets, cat rescuers, feline groomers, cat fashionistas and started a cat-line of products, cat clubs, cat community groups, cat therapy outlets, cat spas, and much more.

However, no matter what category a cat parent belongs to, they are obligated to provide their kitty with basic life needs like food, water, shelter, affection, and good health. While cat owners can quickly satisfy the first four in the cat needs list, supporting their fluffy with the last one demands much attention and money.

With regular physical/mental exercise comes good health, and with the proper training comes appreciable behavior. Sometimes despite all your attempts kitty can still fall sick, injure itself, meet with accidents, etc. It is one reason why cat owners must consider purchasing cat insurance.

Also, it is best to buy kitten insurance in NZ while your pet is still a baby cat because pet insurance policies don’t cover pre-existing medical conditions that older cats mostly have. So, should you think about purchasing a pet policy for your senior kitty, finding a cat insurer who agrees to cover your older pet with health issues can be impossible.

So, make a wise decision with regards to the timing of a pet policy purchase; in the meantime, read this article to check if you are a cat-oholic person or not.

Eight signs that tell you are cat-oholic

  1. You don’t trust anyone who doesn’t like or own a cat. Your question to people with no pets or cats can be – Duh! If you can’t love a fluffy fur ball, what else can you love in this world?
  2. You don’t forget to read cat memes, cat comics, watch cat videos or read/listen to kitty stories before hitting the bed. Meow can be the lullaby that puts you to sleep or one sound that pumps up your adrenaline.
  3. Your kitty’s essentials are always neat and sparkling clean. For instance, you may hardly focus on your food or dishes, but ensure your furry baby’s daily things like water bowl, food dish, litter box, playthings, accessories, crate, etc., are spic and span.
  4. If you have pet pups, they have probably learnt to purr to get your attention. And puppy might have made best friends with its feline brother or sister to be in your good books.
  5. You might have also considered getting your furball a credit card for their personal use. And, yes, you will be paying it off every month.
  6. You are interested in cat literature and the portrayal of cats in different cultures, and surprisingly you even have a shrine of Bastet in the living room. Also, a kitty’s soft meows can be your favorite cat prayer.
  7. Your spouse, family members, and friends are jealous of your cat because there is no way they can get a few minutes of private time with you. These humans can connect with you only after kitty pal’s approval.
  8. You can hardly think of a word that doesn’t start with a cat. For instance, Kathy, Catalan, Catie, Catherine, and the likes of it are the names of your biological children. Also, your grandchildren’s names are Catrice, Catimah, Cataldo, Caton, etc.

And in the end, your clothes, furniture, rooms, and vehicle are all filled with cat fur. Jokes apart, if your furball is shedding a lot, get them tested to rule out potential medical conditions. Whether or not you are cat-oholic, your munchkin must be provided top-notch medical assistance at all times.

You can start looking for affordable cat insurance policies so you take undue stress off the finances involved in getting your kitty unanticipated medical help. Kitten insurance NZ can lower your economic burden without you having to compromise on your kitty’s testing, medications, and other treatments.

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