How does CBD shop Schweiz extract CBD products?

CBD stands for Cannabidiol, a cannabinoid compound that occurs naturally in the cannabis plant. Got cannabis and hemp. Although both bits of hemp contain CBD, hemp (but convenient) has a shallow THC content (less than 0,2%) compared to cannabis. And can be grown legally by farmers in many countries around the world. That is why CBD is extracted from dried ground hemp raw materials.

Depending on the purification step after initial extraction, different types of extracts from full spectrum to broad-spectrum can isolate CBD. However, each process is initiated and characterized by choosing a method for initial extraction, so let’s look.

CBD alcohol extraction

The alcohol used for extraction is usually ethanol or isopropyl alcohol, both solvents used in food production. The plant material is saturated with it, then the solution containing the extract is filtered from the mixture, and the alcohol is removed by distillation.

The so-called rough extract is further refined to remove, for example, chlorophyll. It can also be used as a green (plant green) or unwanted cannabinoids such as THC while enriching the desired cannabinoids such as CBD.

Alcohol extraction is the most widely used CBD shop Schweiz extraction method worldwide. The solvent can be recycled and used for subsequent extraction, making this method cost-effective and resource-saving. It also doesn’t require too much-specialized equipment.

CBD CO2 extraction

If you’ve read anything about CBD extraction before, you’ve probably come across CO2, regarded as the cleanest solvent. Usually, CO2 is a gas, but when the pressure and temperature are correctly adjusted, something might be used. Called ‘Supercritical fluid’ used as extraction medium

The extraction process is the same as for alcohol, except that a more complex setup is required to deal with the high pressure generated by liquid CO2. On the plus side, a more adjustable point can allow unwanted components to be separated. From the beginning, the solvent (CBD shop Schweiz) can quickly evaporate at the end of the process without leaving any traces in the product.

CO2 extraction has become popular in recent years. But the high cost of operation and the necessary special equipment may be why it could not be the leader in alcohol extraction of the past.

CBD oil extraction

Cannabinoid extraction with vegetable oil is probably the longest-running method of the past and deserves mention. Same as brewing a cup of tea

The major drawback is that the oil is not easily removed, so the cannabinoid concentration in the resulting product remains relatively low. Unwanted components such as THC cannot be selectively removed. Quite expensive and inefficient compared to the CO2 or alcohol mentioned above.

CBD butane extraction

Like ethanol and CO2, butane can be used as an effective solvent for cannabinoids when it passes through the ground or dry plant material. The initial attraction is high volatility, which makes it possible to remove all traces of this solvent with very little heat or a slight vacuum. However, it is also highly explosive and flammable, making it challenging to work with this solvent under safe operating conditions. It is also not the preferred solvent for use in food products.

The resulting extract retains high terpene and natural THC levels and is usually not further refined.

CBD resin extraction

This method produces a product very similar to butane extraction. But no solvents are required. Instead, high pressure and heat are used to obtain a resinous extract directly from the plant material. The greater the usable pressure, the less heat is required, keeping the terpenes intact.

This method is becoming increasingly popular with smaller producers looking for total spectrum extracts while maintaining the natural content of THC, terpenes and other plant compounds.


As you can see, there is more than an “only” way to extract CBD from cannabis. The chosen method depends on several factors, such as the purpose of use of the extraction product and economic and environmental considerations, and the available CBD shop Schweiz.

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