How To Style Jumpsuits For Women?

Undoubtedly, jumpsuits are one of the must-have style statements you will find in every girl’s wardrobe. This head-to-toe all-in-one popular style garment looks chic if styled correctly.

With so many designs and sizes available in the market, it is not an easy outfit to pull off. It can be challenging to find the right outfit to stand out because if you choose the wrong fit or pair unsuitable accessories with it, in no time, you will go from fashionista to no fashion zone.

Don’t worry! For your guidance, we are here to ensure your every look is chic and fashionable. You need to follow a few tips to look feminine street-style star.

Jumpsuits Styling Tips For Women

●      Find an Accurate Fit

Wear a jumpsuit that is too fit on your body and might give a sexy look, but you might feel uncomfortable. And if you wear a loose-fitting jumpsuit, you will lose your figure and not give a chic look. Also, ensure you don’t get the length too long, or you will trip. And not too short as well; otherwise, it will make you look sloppy.

Thus, purchasing a jumpsuit that fits your body correctly is essential to give you a polished look.

●      Define your Waistline

A slight cinching on the waist helps to define your waistline and add shape to your femininity by giving a curvy look. Accessories your core with belts, or you may even tie up a lightweight jacket or shirt around your waist, giving you a pretty and fabulous look.

●      Pair it up with a blazer

Adding dimensions to any outfit enhances the look and makes you stand out. For example, add a layer of blazer to your jumpsuit to make it look more subtle and comfortable. It breaks the look of a jumpsuit and gives you a fashionista personality.

Although, remember to select a blazer or jacket according to the occasion, like a casual one for fancy drinks with friends, but a formal one if you are planning to go for an office evening dinner party.

●      Wear Heels

If you doubt what footwear to wear with a jumpsuit, blindly go for heels! Of course, unless it’s a casual jumpsuit for the beach. A jumpsuit won’t make you look short or frumpy by wearing heels. Supposedly if you wear a flat or sandal with a wide-leg jumpsuit, you will be sloppy and short. Thus, create an illusion of being long and lean by wearing heels and not having the bottom of the jumpsuit bunch up.

Also, remember to opt for shoes on the skinny side for your wide-leg jumpsuits. Finally, lock those wedges, clogs, or anything with a thick heel away from jumpsuits, especially if the fabric is light and airy.

●    Go for a Solid and Bold Coloured Jumpsuit

If you are new to wearing a jumpsuit, ease yourself into wearing some solid colours like a solid black, navy, forest, or dark-coloured jumpsuit. However, if you are confident, go for bold splashed colours, patterns and designed jumpsuits. For summers, you can wear a bright pink or yellow jumpsuit or a polka dot jumpsuit. These will give you a fun and casual summer look. Don’t forget to add on a cool beige hat!

Now you should keep the above points in mind next time you plan to put together a jumpsuit outfit. Always remember the fundamental rule- jumpsuits should not be too short or too long, not too tight or too loose. You will look flattering and fabulous with the perfect jumpsuit every time you put it on! Visit VERO MODA now to shop for all this and  more.

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