Sizes and Uses of MCBs

MCBs help us to control excessive current supply in electrical devices. They are the essential elements of electrical devices that ensure protection against any fire hazard. MCBs are a substitute for fuses that help avoid short-circuiting and overloading.

MCBs are a widely popular electrical tool used in every office building and residence. They act like a fuse in the case of short circuits and overloading. In other words, they break the circuit whenever needed to prevent fire hazards. Safety is a vital feature of any electrical device. MCBs prevent excessive current flow across an electrical circuit and ensure its safety. Here is a detailed guide to the various sizes and uses of MCBs.

Frame sizes of MCBs:

The dimension or size of an MCB is determined by the upper limit of its trip current. The frame of an MCB is essentially a plastic shell that is designed according to the maximum current rating of the MCB. Current rating is defined as the maximum current above which the MCBs trip to provide an overload protection. The size of its frame must be strong enough to support the flow of the rated current through the MCB.

Thus, the size of the frame is entirely dependent on the value of the current ratings. MCBs with trip current ratings of 16A, 25A, 40A, 50A, 80A and 100A are supported by a frame size known as DX100. Likewise, MCBs with current ratings ranging from 100A to 225A have frames of DX225.

Uses of MCBs:

MCBs have a wide range of applications in various fields. They find their use in domestic, commercial and industrial sectors. MCBs are vital parts of every electrical distribution board found in the home or office spaces. MCBs maintain a balanced supply of power throughout all connected devices and appliances.

MCBs are found in heaters installed at homes and offices. Heaters generally work under fluctuating voltage, which makes them prone to fire hazards. When heaters have MCBs installed in them, they become safer to use. MCBs ensure that the heaters do not draw excessive current from the supply and hence guarantee the safety of heaters.

They are also effective in maintaining the safety of fluorescent light bulbs. Fluorescent bulbs require a high amount of electric current which makes them vulnerable to fire hazards. MCBs help to maintain a balanced flow of current through light bulbs, thereby establishing an efficient lighting system for a building.

MCBs are good for countering ground faults. Ground fault makes an electrical circuit faulty and endangers its safety. The faulty mechanism leads the circuit to draw more current from the supply. An MCB helps to fight against this excessive current flow by magnetic tripping and thus maintains its safety.

The industrial sector prefers the use of MCBs in their machinery. The optimal power supply for industrial machinery can be as high as 30000A. In such a case, MCBs help to provide an optimum flow of electrical energy while maintaining the safety of the machinery.

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